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About Us

Scoliosis Academy

Established in 2020, under the guidance of Patrick Kiely (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Niamh McGowan (Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist). Patrick and Niamh are passionate about the care of those affected by spinal conditions and believe there is a need for improved care provision in Ireland. The intention of Scoliosis Academy is to educate, support and provide awareness of scoliosis and spinal conditions.

We provide services to the paediatric and adolescent population.

To attend our services, with Patrick Kiely, a referral from a medical profession is required. This can be sent here or to his secretary in Sports Surgery Clinic. To attend with Niamh McGowan, no referral is needed, you can simply book online. Click Here.

We offer consultation, conservative treatment(brace/physio) or surgical treatment for those affected by scoliosis and other spinal issues.

Please be aware that is surgery is advised and required due to some circumstances there can be an extended time period on the surgical date than initially advised.

Meet Our Team

Niamh McGowan
Niamh McGowan
Patrick Kiely
Patrick Kiely